General Assembly Minutes 12 OCT 2011

Main Facilitator: Jason Shoot [joined by Nichole Nicholson]. Stack Facilitator: Kara Nichols [joined by Nichole Nicholson]. Minutes: Treesong


Last week’s Planning Meeting was facilitated using a simplified informal version of consensus. This was our first General Assembly facilitated using a formal consensus model similar to that used at other General Assemblies in other cities. Therefore, the order of discussion and deliberation was somewhat irregular. Items are listed roughly in the order in which they occurred.

PROPOSAL: Audio Recording

  • Grant permission to a member of tonight’s General Assembly to do an audio recording of tonight’s General Assembly. However, people wishing to record any future General Assembly must make a proposal before doing so.
  • RESPONSE: Consensus

PROCESS: Introduction to Consensus

  • The main facilitator and others explained how consensus decision-making process generally works at General Assemblies.

PROPOSAL: March on Saturday

  • March in solidarity with Peace Coalition on this coming Saturday, October 15. Meet at 11:30 am at a location TBA [later decided to be Gaia House]. March to the Town Square Pavilion for a demonstration/vigil in solidarity with the Peace Coalition. 203 3571 celeste williams
  • RESPONSE: Consensus

PROPOSAL: Have people say their name and a brief introduction prior to speaking

  • RESPONSE: Two blocks.
  • Proposal discussed and set aside as an informal suggestion.

PROPOSAL:  Make public a list of committees and invite people to participate.

  • RESPONSE: Discussion without coming to consensus.

PROPOSAL: Start the General Assembly with general discussion and announcements rather than consideration of proposals

  • RESPONSE: Consensus

PROPOSAL: Adopt a new hand signal for point of process.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus


  • Mountaintop Removal. “Appalachian Treasures: The Struggle to Save the Heart of Appalachia”, a presentation by Appalachian Voices, is coming to Carbondale this Sunday, October 16 at 3 pm at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship.
  • Shawnee Green Party. The General Assembly is a non-partisan event. However, as an announcement, Rich Whitney of the Shawnee Green Party announced that the Greens are looking for candidates for office. For more information: richwhitney(at)frontier(dot)com
  • Solidarity with SIUC Unions. Meeting on Sunday, October 16 at 4 PM at Morris Library (cafe area)
  • Graduate Assistants United is having a bargaining meeting on Friday, October 14. This is the final negotiation prior to a strike. Demonstration in support of GAU starting at 1:30 pm outside Anthony Hall
  • American Voices has voted to support the Occupy movement. Next meeting is Thursday, November 3 at 6 pm at Spinoni’s. For more information, contact Ray Lenzi at rayle46(at)gmail(dot)com
  • GENERAL DISCUSSION: Should we focus down to one demand or not? Is the message to model the General Assembly process or to make a specific demand or demands to local/state/national officials?

PROPOSAL: Move to proposal section of General Assembly

  • RESPONSE: Consensus


PROPOSAL: Occupy the Free Forum Area.

  • RESPONSE: Several blocks but not a majority of blocks.
  • Further Discussion
  • MODIFIED/CLARIFIED PROPOSAL: Occupy a location on the SIUC campus.
  • RESPONSE: Several blocks but not a majority of blocks.
  • Break into small group discussion
  • Listen report back from small groups
  • RESPONSE: Consensus

PROPOSAL: Specify that the occupation at SIUC will occur at the Bucky Dome near Quigley and Illinois Ave.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus

PROPOSAL: Start the Occupation

  • Start the Occupation at 11:30 a.m. this Saturday, October 15. March to the Town Square Pavilion for the demonstration and vigil in solidarity with the Peace Coalition. Resume the Occupation when we march back.
  • RESPONSE: Consensus
  • DISCUSSION: Ensure that we find ways to welcome people to participate who are unable to join in the Occupation.

PROPOSAL: Adjourn.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus
# # #