General Assembly Minutes 15 OCT 2011

Main Facilitator: Kyle Cheesewright. Stack Facilitator: Joe Hassert. Minutes: Treesong.


Note: This was our first General Assembly at the current occupation site at the Bucky Dome on the corner of Illinois and Grand in Carbondale. Everyone is invited to join us in the occupation. Everyone is also invited to participate in future General Assemblies, even if other commitments prevent you from spending more time at the occupation site.

PROCESS: Introduction to Consensus

  • The main facilitator and others explained how consensus decision-making process generally works at General Assemblies.


There were no announcements.


PROPOSAL: Hold two General Assemblies per day, one at 11 a.m. and one at 7 p.m. Hold a Soap Box gathering for an hour prior to the evening General Assembly for people to have general discussion.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus
PROPOSAL: Read a summary of the minutes of the last General Assembly at the start of each General Assembly.
  • RESPONSE: Consensus
PROPOSAL: Adopt an official statement: “We the People of Carbondale and Southern Illinois have chosen to Occupy Carbondale to take a stand against the corporate takeover of our democracy.
  • RESPONSE: Consensus
PROPOSAL: Vote again on the official statement at the next General Assembly.

  • RESPONSE: Two blocks
  • Further Discussion. One blocker argued that it would probably be the same group of people at the next General Assembly. Therefore, it would be better to discuss matters that hadn’t yet been consensed on. Another blocker argued that the statement is simple enough and close enough to the sentiment of other Occupy statements that it is likely to be uncontroversial. If anyone does find it controversial, it can be revised or rescinded at a future General Assembly
  • RESPONSE: Proposal withdrawn after discussion.

PROPOSAL: While participants sleep, have a night watch composed of volunteers who stay away in shifts.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus
PROPOSAL: Form a police liason committee.
  • RESPONSE: Consensus
PROPOSAL: Adjourn.
  • RESPONSE: No formal call for consensus, but the meeting adjourned.
# # #