General Assembly Minutes 18 OCT 2011 (11 AM)

Main Facilitator: Danielle. Stack Facilitator: Joe. Minutes: Treesong.


PROCESS: Introduction to Consensus

  • The main facilitator explained our consensus decision-making process.

Summary of Minutes of Previous General Assembly


  • Treesong would like to offer Gaia House trainings for the people of Occupy Carbondale, especially those staying overnight. These would be quick (15 minutes?) and would involve an introduction to the kitchen (cooking/cleaning), supplies (Occupy Carbondale vs Gaia House), and security (especially for night watch). You can either talk to Treesong or stop by during the afternoon Mon-Wed and Friday anytime.
  • Jason would like us to start a phone tree so that people who spend most or all of their time away from the occupation site can be informed of late-breaking developments and any special supply needs.


PROPOSAL: Develop and share a “needs list” indicating supplies that would be useful at the occupation site. This list would be .

  • Further Discussion: This is a committee item rather than a General Assembly item.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn
PROPOSAL: Develop a “play” to enact in the event of an eviction during a General Assembly.
  • RESPONSE: Majority block [proposal rejected]
PROPOSAL: Share with everyone involved a schedule of events that extra people may be needed for.
  • Further Discussion: This may be a committee item. It may also lend the false impression that people are only desired at the occupation site at specific times when the goal is 24/7 occupation.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn


  • RESPONSE: Consensus


  • No new proposals reached consensus.
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