General Assembly Minutes 30 OCT 2011 (7 PM)

Main Facilitator: Marcus. Minutes: Treesong.


PROCESS: Introduction to Consensus

  • The main facilitator explained our consensus decision-making process.


  • We discussed having handouts at the occupation site so that people who visit the site would have information to take with them. We now have some handouts.
  • A strike is looking increasingly likely. They have a strike date picked [November 3] and a strike headquarters reserved. We have a handout about strike-related events at the occupation site. We have many copies of this, so be sure to share it with as many people as possible.
  • Two of our resident techies have been working on setting up a social networking server called Diaspora. The server exists and the software is installed but it’s still being debugged. Diaspora is an alternative to social networking sites such as Facebook that allows us to keep all of our data on our own servers rather than letting Facebook control it all.
  • Speaking of Facebook, if you’re on Facebook, please consider signing up for strike-related events and other events on Facebook. This is a way of showing your support both before and during the [potential] strike.
  • We now have a Google Group for Occupy Carbondale. Talk to Kara for more information.
  • We had a complaint from a group that uses Gaia House about cleanliness and security. Be sure that in the mornings [especially Sunday mornings] we have any dishes washed and any blankets etc. out of the way so that the “living room” looks nice. Occupy Carbondale did do some cleaning so this may have been a shared problem with another group that’s been making extra use of the building lately. Thanks to Marcus, Kara, Wayne, and everyone else who has done cleaning over the weekend. Also, remember that at night the building should either be locked up entirely or have one or more awake people in it who are actively using it for something they can’t do across the street [kitchen, restrooms, Wi-Fi, etc.].
  • We have a bus tray for bring dishes from the occupation site to Gaia House. Any empty mugs etc. can be put in this tray and carried over together rather than left sitting next to chairs or on the table when empty. This ensures that clutter is reduce at occupation site and also makes it easier to carry our dishes across the street.



  • Discussion: Since there was an unusually low turnout, and no one had any time-sensitive proposals that needed to be addressed tonight, we decided to stick to announcements and simply adjourn when it came time for proposals.
  • RESPONSE: Consensus
# # #