General Assembly Minutes 9 NOV 2011 (7 PM)

Main Facilitator: Joe. Minutes: Matthew 


NOTE: Our 11 AM General Assembly was not held as there were no members present with proposals or announcements.

PROCESS: Introduction to Consensus

  • The main facilitator explained our consensus decision-making process.


  • We were approached by a Group Against the Net Neutrality Bill.
  • Paula will be bringing by insulated coveralls. She would like these to be returned after use. She will also be washing wet blankets tonight.
  • Trish has an air mattress we can use at the Occupy site if we would like it.
  • Today’s march had a great turnout!
  •  The ongoing issue with the contract for the FA deals with not having penalties for striking Faculty members. No penalties were promised in the contracts for the other 3 unions.
  • Anne will be making pot pies over at Gaia House after GA.
  • There will be a meeting with the Chancellor and Administration at the Student Center at 9 am with a public Q&A to following from 10-12 on Thursday, Nov 10th.


PROPOSAL: We begin a radio show called Occupy the Radio to inform the public.

  • Discussion: Kara and Jason are already working on this. There are some management issues at the station but Jason is using his time slot to do this.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn


  • RESPONSE: Consensus


  • No new proposals reached consensus
# # #