We Are The 99%. OCCUPY CARBONDALE!Why is this page being created?

As we move forward in our movement the work of committees will become more and more important.  Their use allows many ideas to be explored and debated prior to the advancement of an idea to a formal general assembly proposal or in some cases, calls for action.  We anticipate with our planned move into the Independent Media Center (IMC) that committees will have a peaceful location in which to consider the issues they are charged with and expect some great results from their work.  This page will serve as a central listing of active committees within our local occupy movement.

How will we do it?

We will be collecting a listing and creating a forum for each committee so that they can dispense information to those interested parties as they see fit.  We will try to implement a method for those same interested parties to submit input to the committees for consideration in their efforts.

Eventually we will provide meeting times etc so that anyone interested can be included in the committee activities.  For the moment we encourage anybody that would like to participate in this very important work to attend a general assembly and make direct contact with members of the committees.

Occupy Carbondale General Assembly Sanctioned Committees: (partial – more to come)

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