General Assembly Minutes 16 NOV 2011 (7 PM)

Main Facilitator: Nick. Stack: Kara. Minutes: Meghan



  • No announcements made


PROPOSAL: Make the official name of the Triangle finger symbol “point of process.”

  • Discussion: Facilitator stated that this did not require a vote.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn

PROPOSAL: Have a press conference to inform the public about our happenings.

  • Discussion: Facilitator suggested an amendment to state that a future press conference would be authorized by the Media Committee. Then it was amended to prepare and do work for a future press conference, which does not require a vote at this time.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn

PROPOSAL: Give the Recreation Committee the freedom to put the Occupy Carbondale name on promotions with the ability for Occupy members to vote against the name being used for each specific Rec Comm event promotion.

  • Discussion: Facilitator clarified that is it always okay for committees’ to use Occupy Carbondale name for promotions.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn

PROPOSAL: Create a Speaker Bureau, which would consist of a small team of people of eloquent speakers of the group who would be able to speak about various topics to different audiences. Sarah L. offered to be a coach for these speakers and the education would include: speech making training, intensive
autodidactic learning, and possibly even create publications.

  • Discussion: Should be taken to the Outreach Committee
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn

PROPOSAL: Reduce the amount of Committees and set a fixed number.

  • Discussion: We should be mindful of the number of committees in the future.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn


  • We had a discussion after the GA about Committees versus Working Groups. A Committee is USED TO ACHIEVE GOALS, it is NOT a social group. Practical achievement is important.


  • No new proposals reached consensus