General Assembly Minutes 3 DEC 2011 (1 PM)

Main Facilitator: Wayne. Stack: Ashley. Minutes: Joe


PROCESS: Introduction to Consensus

  • The main facilitator explained our consensus decision-making process.


  • Marleen Shepherd made an announcement on behalf of the Carbondale Interfaith Council. They would like us to know that they (along with other organizations) are currently drafting a statement of suport for the Occupy movement. They support Occupy Carbondale and are looking to help us.
  • Occupy Carbondale has been invited to speak at the Carbondale Human Relations Commission meeting Monday, Dec. 5th at 6pm at the Carbondale Civic Center. Several occupiers will be in attendance. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.
  • For anyone who wants should join the Occupy Carbondale google group, a piece of paper is being passed around to collect addresses.
  • Jason Shoot is running for WDBX Board of Directors. Become a WDBX member, and you will able to vote in the election.
  • The Alternative Gift Fair will be held at the Unitarian Fellowship from 3-6pm on Sunday, Dec. 3rd.
  • Anyone interested in Occupy Chicago’s meet and greet networking efforts can talk to/message Ashley.
  • There will be live music at the Occupy HQ (IMC 214 N. Washington) on Sunday, Dec. 3rd (late evening?). Proceeds from donations will go to pay for our facilities and a portion to the bands.
  • Peace Coalition need at least 32 people to attend next Saturday, Dec. 10th for a special Human Right’s Day peace vigil to hold signs featuring the declaration of human of rights from 12pm-1pm at the Town Square.
  • Occupy Carbondale will be demonstrating against austerity measures, corporate influence in government, and tax laws that favor corporations outside the Paul Simon Federal Building in Carbondale on Thursday between 12-1pm. Please join us!


PROPOSAL: Seek a permit for the Thursday Federal Building Demonstrations

  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn
  • Discussion: While there was considerable support for the idea following the intervention stage of the consensus process, the proposer withdrew the proposal. People should be aware that we likely will not have a permit to demonstrate on Federal property, but are protected when demonstrating while walking in the sidewalk areas. Anyone is welcome to get a permit for the demonstration.


  • RESPONSE: Consensus


  • No new proposals reached consensus