General Assembly Minutes 23 NOV 2011 (7 PM)


  • The general strike taking place in England in protest of the austerity measures being proposed whereby the pensions of millions of Englishmen would be modified to a lesser value was announced.  Over 2,000,000 people from many many labor unions took place.  Thousands of protest actions were scheduled around the country.  More than 16,000 schools were closed as the teaching staff observed the strike.  Our message is growing all around the world.
  • The assertion that we need to re-establish an occupation site in public view was announced.


PROPOSAL: Move the meeting location for General Assemblies to the public square at the junction of 13 and 51. 

  • Discussion: Following discussion around the cold weather outside versus the cold inside and the requirement for two GA’s to approve the change the proposer withdrew the proposal to be presented at a later assembly.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn

PROPOSAL: Adjourn in order to discuss the re-establishment of an occupied public space “in view” of the public.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus


  • No new proposals reached consensus