2012-1-04 Media/Tech Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Group Assembled, 8:30ish at Gaia House-Interfaith Center
    Present: Wayne, Kara, Matt, Peter
  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Agenda

    No one disputed the agenda.

  • News/Announcements
  • Individual Progress Reports
  • Wayne is setting up virtual machines on hid computer for use in teach-ins.
  • Discussion
  1. Group discussed issues with machine setup for demonstrating software during future teach-ins.  Lack of appropriate computers a problem.
  2. Peter mentioned that he may be able to offer a computer for demo.
  3. Individual machine setups vs. dual booting vs. virtualisation was discussed.
  • return to News/Annonuncements

    The group returned to discussing news and announcements.

  • New or updated news items
  • SOPA update — House is on break for the holidays, will bring the bill up in the coming weeks.
  • PIPA, OPEN also discussed.
  • return to Discussion

    The group returned to general discussion.

  1. Wayne suggested doing a ‘Media’ teach-in.  How to interpret and react to legislation.
  2. Organizing teach-ins
    • Need to figure out possible dates and order
    • Free Software teach-in considered by group as logical first event
    • Dates proposed and scheduled for teach-ins
      1. Free Software teach-in – January 21st, 4:30pm at Independent Media Center– first Saturday after classes resume
      2. Intro to Linux teach-in – January 28th, 4:30pm at Independent Media Center
    • Peter mentioned the Recreation Committee and that a teach-in would need to be schedule around their (potentially) already scheduled activities.
    • Kara expressed concern over the magnitude of happenings that day and the need for scheduling times that are most convenient for people participating in other events.
  3. Alternatives to Google Docs considered
  4. Internet at IMC
    • still pending
    • little or no response from WDBX about Internet sharing
    • possible issues resulting from lack of Internet brought up in regards to teach-ins with demonstrations
    • Matt suggesting asking the City govt., a business, or Main Street organization to help
  5. Group Adjourn
  6. Individual and Small Group Projects

    No small group work this week.