1/25/12 GA minutes


  • reminders of events this weekend- film showing friday at 7:30 will be “the Take”. Saturday the People’s Preliminary Hearing on Monsanto will be from 11am-3, potluck starts at 6, bands start at 8pm, Sunday the presentation starts at 2pm.
  • the media/tech committee will be meeting on thursdays (instead of wed) 8:30 pm at the Gaia house. The teach-in on saturday went well and they are planning the next teach-in which will be on Linux
  • Peter has been preparing for occupy radio and is looking for a team of about 7 people to help. Anyone interested please contact him.
  • A newcomer, Will, just moved here from Chicago where he was involved in occupy. He wanted to mention that he is going to SIU and wants to get the rso: students for peace and democracy started again and is looking for students who would be interested.
  • gaia house is really struggling to keep it’s doors open. they were very hospitable to us while we were occupying on campus and we should get involved in helping them. Anyone interested in helping them with some fundraising ideas would be much appreciated.
  • anyone who wants to submit comments to the Shawnee Forest service about the proposed landswap can e-mail  tocomments-eastern-shawnee@fs.fed.us


  • question of whether or not anyone is still protesting at the federal building and should we take it off the calendar? No one seems to be showing up anymore so it will be taken off the calendar.
  • Will had posted several times on the occupy carbondale facebook page trying to get info about us and never got a response. It seems we need admins who are able/willing to put some time into the page. peter is going to add kara as an admin.  Anyone else willing to step up and take over let us know.
  • Suggestion was made for us to start planning for a big rally here in town in early spring to raise awareness of occupy carbondale and that we ARE still around.
  • Occupy Chicago is hoping for a huge demonstration during the G8 and nato summits in May. We need to organize interested people from the area and hopefully get a group together to go up there for at least a few days.
  • same with the midwest summit happening in stLouis in April? Both will be a great opportunity not only for direct action but also networking with occupiers in other places.


Peter attended a meeting at gaia house with the board members and he explained the situation is that they are down 62% of their funding. They are about a month and 1/2 from having to shut down. There is going to be a very important stakeholders meeting on Saturday Feb 18th and it was requested that occupy carbondale have a presence there. Since this is the time of our scheduled general assembly, peter proposed that:

    on the day of feb 18th, we change the location of our general assembly to the Gaia house.

Some discussion: this is mostly a way to get more occupiers to be at gaia house for the meeting and is also a symbolic gesture of solidarity with gaia house, who was incredibly generous to the occupiers by giving us full accesss to their facilities while we were camping out on campus. We could just hold a quick GA at gaia and then join them for the stakeholders meeting. 

Vote: all were in favor. (this change to our GA needs to reach consensus in another GA to be be officially passed. Peter will bring this to a vote again at this saturday’s GA)