GA meeting minutes 3/21/2012

Announcements: reminder about the art and revolution teach-in happening this sunday the 25th.

short discussion about chicago g8. Need to coordinate people interested in going. a signup sheet has been started and is at the imc. It was suggested that we start a bail fund to have ready just in case. A suggestion was made that we use the money raised at the social forum but since we did tell people donating that the money was for the bills at the imc it may seem misleading to use it for another purpose.

Will has been involved with occupy chicago and offered to contact people there about what the plan is for that weekend.

We also need to see if we can get hooked up with places to spend the night since police will more than likely prevent any occupation with tents.

Jasmin mentioned having a teach-in beforehand to prepare people for direct action and safety measures, first aid, etc. Kara is compiling info on teargas and pepperspray that might also be helpfull. it would also be a good idea to get info on a persons rights during arrests. If anyone wants to help with this teach-in please contact jasmin or kara.

also discussed was the house of rep bill 347 (“anti protest bill”)that obama recently passed which makes protesting where an official protected by secret service is present a federal violation which will surely come into play during the g8