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Occupy Congress: Will YOUR Voice Be Heard #J17?

The house of representatives will return to session on January 17th of 2012.  Welcome back.  We told you to “expect us” didn’t we?

Feel like sending a message to your congress in 2012?  Could January 17th be your chance to do so?  Do you want change?  What are YOU willing to do to get it?  Will you put in the effort necessary to have your voice heard?  Will you Occupy Congress on January 17th?

Wall Street and MSM may not want to acknowledge either our growth or our accomplishments in 3 short months of 2011 but one cannot deny that they know we are here.  We must remember that the crimes admonished on us by the 1% didn’t occur without the assistance of another very powerful (and OUT OF CONTROL) group in America – the U.S. Congress.  Now is the time to bring our message to the other half of the criminal equation.  It is the time for a national convergence of occupiers in our nation’s capital.  You cannot stop an idea who’s time has come.  You might even want to be a part of making it happen!

Additional information can be found on the Facebook event page and the  Occupy Congress Wiki.  There is also a list-serve (pretty high volume even in digest form has been my experience.)  Momemtum and support for this event are building and many thousands are anticipated to attend.  What are we willing to do as Occupy Carbondale to get there and express solidarity with this event? Comments are open on this thread – let’s talk it up!

Schedule of General Assemblies

Occupy Carbondale will hold the next general assembly wed, March 21st at 7pm to reflect on the midwest regional conference and to coordinate for the Chicago summit.

General Assembly Minutes 23 NOV 2011 (7 PM)


  • The general strike taking place in England in protest of the austerity measures being proposed whereby the pensions of millions of Englishmen would be modified to a lesser value was announced.  Over 2,000,000 people from many many labor unions took place.  Thousands of protest actions were scheduled around the country.  More than 16,000 schools were closed as the teaching staff observed the strike.  Our message is growing all around the world.
  • The assertion that we need to re-establish an occupation site in public view was announced.


PROPOSAL: Move the meeting location for General Assemblies to the public square at the junction of 13 and 51. 

  • Discussion: Following discussion around the cold weather outside versus the cold inside and the requirement for two GA’s to approve the change the proposer withdrew the proposal to be presented at a later assembly.
  • RESPONSE: Withdrawn

PROPOSAL: Adjourn in order to discuss the re-establishment of an occupied public space “in view” of the public.

  • RESPONSE: Consensus


  • No new proposals reached consensus

Outreach Committee Minutes 12/6/2011

Minutes Tuesday, Dec. 6th 2011 6pm

8 people present

At this meeting we began crafting a mission statement for the working group and brainstormed actions to carry out the mission.

The four main goals of the Outreach Working Group (which will be discussed further and perhaps formalized at the next OWG meeting) are:

  1. Outreach to other Occupy Carbondale members (the improvement and development of better internal communication).
  2. Outreach to the Carbondale and SIUC communities.
  3. Outreach to other Southern Illinois communities.
  4. Outreach to the local media.

Ideas were generated and discussed to meet these four goals

Outreach to other Occupy Carbondale members

  • Master contact list (Danielle is working on this; Dan will create password protected page for this on
  • Phone tree/text tree (Danielle is working on this)
  •  IMC Poster Board and digital document on “How to plan/publicize events.” (Joe is working on this)

Outreach to the Carbondale and SIUC communities.

  • Create informational flier and poster (Rich is working on this)
  • Speaker’s Bureau (Rich, Sarah, Cathy, Sheridan are working on specific tasks to start this)

Outreach to other Southern Illinois communities

  • Speaker’s Bureau (Rich, Sarah, Cathy, Sheridan are working on specific tasks to start this)

Outreach to Media

  • Media contact sheet  (Danielle is working on this; Rich can help with Green Party’s media list if needed; Joe will use this info in the “how to plan event board”; Dan will put this on webpage when gathered)

Other ideas were discussed, but these are the things folks committed to working on

It was agreed that we will meet at this time regularly: Tuesday’s 6pm @ Occupy HQ – all are welcome to attend.

Special Topic General Assembly November 13, 2011

There was a special topic general assembly without a formal facilitator held at 11:00 A.M. November 13, 2011 at the IMC.  This assembly was convened with the express purpose of considering the motion from the previous night’s General Assembly involving changes to our current General Assembly meeting structure.  This was the only topic for consideration at this meeting, no other proposals were presented or discussed.

It was with complete consensus that the previous assembly’s proposal to change our general assembly schedule from twice at day to twice per week passed.  The proposal changes general assembly times to Wednesday evenings at 7:00 P.M.  and Saturday afternoons at 1:00 P.M. to be held at the IMC facility.  Those present unanimously approved the previous assembly’s proposal thus fulfilling the requirement that structural change must pass two consecutive general assemblies.

The proposal has now passed two consecutive assemblies and is effective immediately.  The assembly adjourned with the next general assembly scheduled for November 16, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.