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Occupy Carbondale Social Forum: A weekend teach-in for the 99 percent

March 2-4 2012
Big Muddy IMC,
214 N. Washington
Carbondale, IL

Updated Schedule and Speakers List:

Friday March 2

From Egypt to Little Egypt: The Origins of Occupy Wall Street
Speakers include Nick Smaligo from Occupy Carbondale, Abdo Solomon, and Sarah Lewison.

Film Screening: “Capitalism Hits the Fan”

Saturday, March 3

Seed Swap (at Town Hall)

The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Southern Illinois
Speakers include Mark Donham.

Brown Bag Lunch Discussion on “Direct Action”

Occupy Wall Street and the Fight Against Racism 

Economic Crisis and Corporate Greed: Why Corporate Capitalism Doesn’t Work.
Speakers include Adam Turl (contributor to Socialist Worker Online) and Nick Smaligo (Occupy Carbondale

Hactivism 101

The Fires Last Time: Lessons of the 1930s and 1960s Social Movements.
Speakers include Prof. Robbie Lieberman and Prof. David Cochran

Party/Fundraiser and Art Auction

Sunday, March 4

We are the Media: Independent Media and the Occupy Movement
Speakers Include: Rich Whitney, former Green Party candidate for Governor of Illinois, Sarah Lewison (media professor).

Lunch Break + Intro To Linux Discussion

Occupy the Future: Alternatives to Corporate Capitalism. 
Speakers include Tod Kington (Another Way), Peter Sussman (Occupy Carbondale), Paula Bradshaw (Green Party), Ken Strikkers, (professor of Philosophy), Adam Turl (Occupy Carbondale)

Occupy Gender: Patriarchy and Corporate Greed

Occupy Southern Illinois: The Past and Future of Our Struggles for Economic and Social Justice
Speakers Include: Carl Bloom (President of Graduate and Professional Student Council), Alex Kane and Montana Goodman (student protest organizers during the 2011 strike), Jyostna Kapur (SIU professor and rank-and-file Faculty Association member), Joe Hassert (founding member of Occupy Carbondale and member of GA United).

Resisting the Global 1 Percent: Stopping the GB and NATO

This event is free (donations accepted)

For more information e-mail 
or join us 7pm Wednesdays or 1pm Saturdays @ the Big Muddy IMC, 214 N. Washington

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