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Occupy the Midwest Regional Conference



We are the 99%, and we have occupied our own cities and towns all across the world! The Occupy the Midwest initiative seeks to take us beyond that. We seek to create new spaces to share information, resources, ideas, and express our solidarity together across the region. We want to give the people a resource to connect with others occupying space in a broader area.

 Join us on March 15th-18th for a Midwest regional conference here in St Louis, MO.

We, the General Assembly of Saint Louis, in the spirit of solidarity call upon our brothers and sisters in occupied spaces across the country to join us in forming the Midwest Regional Summit. We feel that it is time for us to create new spaces to connect in; new ways to share knowledge, experience, resources, and to express our solidarity. St Louis is centrally located and has the space available to host an event of this size. We invite you to bring the spirit and culture of your occupation into a Midwest General Assembly.

We feel that connecting with each other is a vital step in elevating our movement to the next level. No single occupation can take on a task of this size alone. We encourage you to participate in the planning and execution of this event. There is a detailed execution plan attached directly following this invitation. Please join us on March 15th, 2012 at 7pm CST under the Gateway Arch for the first meeting of the Midwest General Assembly! We have chosen this site as our first meeting spot as it symbolizes much of what we are fighting for. The site on which it now stands used to be low income and working family housing. It was taken from these families in order to build this monument. We would like to meet there and propose that we rename this monument as the Gateway to Freedom!

The conference will last from March 15th-18th. During this time we will be commemorating the 6 month anniversary of the Occupy Movement with direct action. Additionally, our objectives for this gathering are to: Establish regional communication avenues to organize action and the sharing of resources Share best practices and learn from each other on how we can be more effective in our individual occupations Establish a Midwest General Assembly that any city in our region can call on moving forward Determine how we communicate and act in solidarity both regionally and nationally.

Please review this proposal and bring this invitation to your General Assembly for consideration and approval. Please state your interest in participating by 12/20/2011.

In a time when our solidarity is being tested on every front, we must stand together to show the world that the people united will NEVER be defeated. For all questions and correspondence (including stating interest in participating!!) please contact us at:: or find us on facebook at occupy the midwest.



Occupy Carbondale Social Forum: A weekend teach-in for the 99 percent

March 2-4 2012
Big Muddy IMC,
214 N. Washington
Carbondale, IL

Updated Schedule and Speakers List:

Friday March 2

From Egypt to Little Egypt: The Origins of Occupy Wall Street
Speakers include Nick Smaligo from Occupy Carbondale, Abdo Solomon, and Sarah Lewison.

Film Screening: “Capitalism Hits the Fan”

Saturday, March 3

Seed Swap (at Town Hall)

The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Southern Illinois
Speakers include Mark Donham.

Brown Bag Lunch Discussion on “Direct Action”

Occupy Wall Street and the Fight Against Racism 

Economic Crisis and Corporate Greed: Why Corporate Capitalism Doesn’t Work.
Speakers include Adam Turl (contributor to Socialist Worker Online) and Nick Smaligo (Occupy Carbondale

Hactivism 101

The Fires Last Time: Lessons of the 1930s and 1960s Social Movements.
Speakers include Prof. Robbie Lieberman and Prof. David Cochran

Party/Fundraiser and Art Auction

Sunday, March 4

We are the Media: Independent Media and the Occupy Movement
Speakers Include: Rich Whitney, former Green Party candidate for Governor of Illinois, Sarah Lewison (media professor).

Lunch Break + Intro To Linux Discussion

Occupy the Future: Alternatives to Corporate Capitalism. 
Speakers include Tod Kington (Another Way), Peter Sussman (Occupy Carbondale), Paula Bradshaw (Green Party), Ken Strikkers, (professor of Philosophy), Adam Turl (Occupy Carbondale)

Occupy Gender: Patriarchy and Corporate Greed

Occupy Southern Illinois: The Past and Future of Our Struggles for Economic and Social Justice
Speakers Include: Carl Bloom (President of Graduate and Professional Student Council), Alex Kane and Montana Goodman (student protest organizers during the 2011 strike), Jyostna Kapur (SIU professor and rank-and-file Faculty Association member), Joe Hassert (founding member of Occupy Carbondale and member of GA United).

Resisting the Global 1 Percent: Stopping the GB and NATO

This event is free (donations accepted)

For more information e-mail 
or join us 7pm Wednesdays or 1pm Saturdays @ the Big Muddy IMC, 214 N. Washington

January 21 2012 Occupy Carbondale Media/Tech Committee Teach In Number the First


Good Things are Happening At the Big Muddy IMC

The folks in Occupy Carbondale have been busy planning some great events at the Big Muddy Independent Media Center!  We invite everyone to come take part in these events that are free and open to the community. Any donations received go towards paying the bills at the IMC.  We have several great teach-ins coming up, craft workshops,  live music, and Film Fridays are back! Please check the calendar page for more details. Also, anyone interested in joining a committee please check the committee page for their information.

Occupy Congress: Will YOUR Voice Be Heard #J17?

The house of representatives will return to session on January 17th of 2012.  Welcome back.  We told you to “expect us” didn’t we?

Feel like sending a message to your congress in 2012?  Could January 17th be your chance to do so?  Do you want change?  What are YOU willing to do to get it?  Will you put in the effort necessary to have your voice heard?  Will you Occupy Congress on January 17th?

Wall Street and MSM may not want to acknowledge either our growth or our accomplishments in 3 short months of 2011 but one cannot deny that they know we are here.  We must remember that the crimes admonished on us by the 1% didn’t occur without the assistance of another very powerful (and OUT OF CONTROL) group in America – the U.S. Congress.  Now is the time to bring our message to the other half of the criminal equation.  It is the time for a national convergence of occupiers in our nation’s capital.  You cannot stop an idea who’s time has come.  You might even want to be a part of making it happen!

Additional information can be found on the Facebook event page and the  Occupy Congress Wiki.  There is also a list-serve (pretty high volume even in digest form has been my experience.)  Momemtum and support for this event are building and many thousands are anticipated to attend.  What are we willing to do as Occupy Carbondale to get there and express solidarity with this event? Comments are open on this thread – let’s talk it up!

Occupy Carbondale is moving to the Big Muddy IMC on Saturday, November 12, 2011

We, the people of Occupy Carbondale, will be moving to the Big Muddy Independent Media Center (known as the IMC) at 214 N. Washington St, near the Town Square in Carbondale, on Saturday, November 12th, our 1 month anniversary.

Our current location at the corner of Illinois and Grand Avenue, between the Bucky Dome and Gaia House on the campus of SIUC, has served us well as a symbolically powerful location. However, each occupation must be aware of its own limitations and, more importantly, its strengths. After careful consideration, we feel that our movement will be better served from this new space. It is our intention to use this location as a shared community space and as a base of operations for continued indoor and outdoor activities, programs, and direct actions.

We assure the people of Carbondale and Southern Illinois that we have not gone away. We still are and will continue to be an active movement of, for, and by the people.

We encourage everyone to join us in our new space where we seek to build true democracy and authentic community with you (yes, you!). It is never too late to get involved. Bring your thoughts, complaints, contributions, energy, enthusiasm, and yourself to the Big Muddy IMC.

Tent Eviction

Our tents have been removed from the occupation site. We are maintaining the occupation without tents. Those on site voted to forego the morning General Assembly and decide our next steps tonight at 7 pm. We invite you to join us at the occupation site now and at 7 pm for General Assemby. There is currently a tarp over the Bucky Dome for us to meet in but its future remains to be seen. Hope to see you here!

Tents At Occupy Carbondale Called Into Question

Tod Sigler, Director of the SIUC Department of Public Safety, came to General Assembly on Monday, Oct 17 to speak to us about the tents. We discussed his visit and the future of the tents at that night’s General Assembly. Stay tuned for more news as it develops — and if you can, join us out at the occupation site!

Occupy Carbondale March On SIUC Campus

Monday, October 17   |   Starting at 12:30 pm    |   On Campus at SIUC

The primary purpose of this march is to invite people to participate in the ongoing discussion at Occupy Carbondale, including but not limited to our General Assembly.

The route for this march will be as follows: start at the Bucky Dome, then march to the Morris Library plaza, then to Lawson Hall, then to the Student Center, then to Anthony Hall, then to Brush Towers, then back to the Bucky Dome.

General Assembly of Occupy Carbondale

Every Day at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Occupy Carbondale is currently occupying the grassy area around the Bucky Dome on the SIUC campus and using the Gaia House community center across the street as a resource for support of the occupation. [MAP] If you share in our concerns over corporate influence on the democratic process, join us at 11 a.m. and/or 7 p.m. to participate in our General Assembly. The General Assembly is a place where we meet to discuss and decide on proposals for actions that we will take as a group. All people who support Occupy Carbondale are invited and encouraged to attend General Assembly whenever possible.