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March, Demonstration, and Occupation!

Saturday, October 15   |   Starting at 11:30 am    | Gaia House Interfaith Center

Occupy Carbondale will march from Gaia House to the Town Square Pavilion, participate in an hour-long demonstration with the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois from noon to 1 pm, and march back to Gaia House and the Bucky Dome near Quigley on the SIUC campus. When we return to the Gaia House / Bucky Dome intersection, the Occupation begins!

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Occupy Carbondale General Assembly

Wednesday, October 12   |   5:30 pm    | Gaia House Interfaith Center

Occupy Carbondale is growing and building momentum! Our first planning meeting had about 50 people and our first demonstration had about 70 or 80 people. Now it’s time to hold our own General Assembly! Join us as we decide what course this newly emerging movement of true democracy will take as we Occupy Carbondale!

Vigil with the Peace Coalition

Occupy Carbondale and the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois held a joint vigil/demonstration on Saturday, October 8th from noon until about 2 pm. There were about 70 or 80 people in attendance with signs, a new Occupy Carbondale banner, drums, and plenty of discussion and planning of local actions in the coming weeks.

Occupy Carbondale Planning Meeting

Wednesday, October 5   |   5 pm to 7 pm   | Gaia House Interfaith Center


  1. Introduction [What is Occupy Carbondale?]
  2. Supporting Occupy Wall St & Occupy STL
  3. Local Events
  4. Solidarity with Local Campaigns [Strikes at SIUC, Beyond Coal]


The ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstration is capturing the imagination of the entire nation. We are the 99% who have had our lives turned upside down and our futures stolen by the 1% who have bought and sold our public officials for the sake of private profit. Occupy Wall Street is uniting a growing diversity of individuals, groups, and movements into a call for true freedom and democracy in our country.

Not all of us, however, can travel to NYC to join the occupation. Therefore, people in cities across America are organizing their own events to share in this spirit of grassroots democracy. Now, the Occupy Together movement is coming to Carbondale!

This planning meeting is the first official Occupy Carbondale event. Everyone who lives in Southern Illinois and supports Occupy Wall Street is invited. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

* Introduction: What is Occupy Wall Street? What is Occupy Carbondale? Everyone who comes will already have some idea, but this discussion will help ensure we’re on the same page. This will include highlights of the latest news from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy STL [St. Louis].

* Occupy Wall Street and Occupy STL: What can we do to support the national and regional events? Some people have already gone to the first Occupy STL event on October 1. One of the two main tasks (so far) of Occupy Carbondale is to support people who are going up to the St. Louis events.

* Local Events: What does Occupy Carbondale look like? We don’t have a big financial district like Wall Street in our town, so we’re going to have to decide when and how to demonstrate our rejection of corporate/governmental corruption and our embrace of real democracy. We would like to hold a General Assembly like the one at Occupy Wall Street somewhere here in Carbondale within the next week or two.

* Solidarity With Other Local Campaigns: The rise of Occupy Carbondale comes at a turbulent time in Carbondale. Four of SIUC’s unions may go on strike soon. Also, SIUC students are leading a massive campaign to close down the coal plant on campus. Both issues have economic impacts that tie back to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. What do we plan to do about them?

Please join us at this meeting to share your thoughts, hear the words of your fellow community members, and join in a democratic process to actually do something about the problems we face as a community, region, and nation. If you’re unable to make it, please share your thoughts here online, pass on the word to your friends, and join us at the Occupy Carbondale General Assembly, date and time TBA.