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We Are The 99%. OCCUPY CARBONDALE!Why is this page being created?

As we move forward in our movement the work of committees will become more and more important.  Their use allows many ideas to be explored and debated prior to the advancement of an idea to a formal general assembly proposal or in some cases, calls for action.  We anticipate with our planned move into the Independent Media Center (IMC) that committees will have a peaceful location in which to consider the issues they are charged with and expect some great results from their work.  This page will serve as a central listing of active committees within our local occupy movement.

How will we do it?

We will be collecting a listing and creating a forum for each committee so that they can dispense information to those interested parties as they see fit.  We will try to implement a method for those same interested parties to submit input to the committees for consideration in their efforts.

Eventually we will provide meeting times etc so that anyone interested can be included in the committee activities.  For the moment we encourage anybody that would like to participate in this very important work to attend a general assembly and make direct contact with members of the committees.

Occupy Carbondale General Assembly Sanctioned Committees: (partial – more to come)

Photos Minutes News Outreach Recreation

Outreach Committee Minutes 12/6/2011

Minutes Tuesday, Dec. 6th 2011 6pm

8 people present

At this meeting we began crafting a mission statement for the working group and brainstormed actions to carry out the mission.

The four main goals of the Outreach Working Group (which will be discussed further and perhaps formalized at the next OWG meeting) are:

  1. Outreach to other Occupy Carbondale members (the improvement and development of better internal communication).
  2. Outreach to the Carbondale and SIUC communities.
  3. Outreach to other Southern Illinois communities.
  4. Outreach to the local media.

Ideas were generated and discussed to meet these four goals

Outreach to other Occupy Carbondale members

  • Master contact list (Danielle is working on this; Dan will create password protected page for this on
  • Phone tree/text tree (Danielle is working on this)
  •  IMC Poster Board and digital document on “How to plan/publicize events.” (Joe is working on this)

Outreach to the Carbondale and SIUC communities.

  • Create informational flier and poster (Rich is working on this)
  • Speaker’s Bureau (Rich, Sarah, Cathy, Sheridan are working on specific tasks to start this)

Outreach to other Southern Illinois communities

  • Speaker’s Bureau (Rich, Sarah, Cathy, Sheridan are working on specific tasks to start this)

Outreach to Media

  • Media contact sheet  (Danielle is working on this; Rich can help with Green Party’s media list if needed; Joe will use this info in the “how to plan event board”; Dan will put this on webpage when gathered)

Other ideas were discussed, but these are the things folks committed to working on

It was agreed that we will meet at this time regularly: Tuesday’s 6pm @ Occupy HQ – all are welcome to attend.

Occupy Your Threads Sew-In

  • Occupy Your Threads: Sew-In
  • December 10th, 2011
  • Saturday
  • Following the GA (2:30 pm)
  • Big Muddy IMC
  • 214 N. Washington St. Carbondale, IL
  • Occupy Carbondale
  • Recreation Committee
  • FREE
Have torn, worn, or even holy threads?   Want to jazz up that drab sweater? How about just saving money by being thrifty and crafty! Learn to sew with Occupy Carbondale! Bring old clothes and learn to mend them with friends and fun. There will be punch and pie!

Up-Cycle Fiber Art Workshop

  • Up-Cycle Fiber Collage
  • December 3rd, 2011
  • Saturday
  • Following the GA (2:30 pm)
  • Big Muddy IMC
  • 214 N. Washington St. Carbondale, IL
  • Sarah Shoot
  • Occupy Carbondale
  • Recreation Committee
  • FREE

This workshop is designed to inspire individuals to make fiber collages out of recycled materials. You will be given a plethora of materials that assists in the construction of a mind blowing fabric collage. Examples of materials you will find are:

fabric, thread, embroidery, floss, glue, glitter, feathers, old lace, maps & other found paper, buttons, etc.etc.etc…..

Up-Cycling fabric collages will be made on a cardboard; if you wish this project to be 2-dementinal. If you can think of additional supplies that might be handy PLEASE feel free to bring them along.

At the end of the workshop participants can either keep their project or donate it to our Art Show. The art show will be raising money for the Occupy Carbondale movement.

If you have an interest in attending please comment on this post so we can know how many to expect.

Trash Art

On Novemeber 19, 2011 the Recreation Committee held a teach-in on how to turn trash into art. We melted plastic bags down to sheets and then formed them into bags. For those of you who attended I hope you had a good time! If you would like to try this at home all you need is: an iron, baking paper, plastics bags, ironing surface, and an idea.

Minutes from the First Meeting of OD

November 12, 2011 (2:00 PM) @ Big Muddy IMC

*I.* Discussion of operating procedures for the working group.

-This one group will concentrate on generating ideas for two aspects of group organizing as defined below.

1) Organizational Development: Refinement of organizational processes for the increased efficiency and effectiveness of Occupy Carbondale’s general operations.

2)Strategic Visioning: A forum for engaging in broader strategic visioning for the future of Occupy Carbondale with an emphasis on the creation of actionable proposals.

-Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in this working group.

-The group will meet twice a week: one night meeting, one day; one weekday meeting, one weekend
-Meetings for this week will happen Thurs at 5:30 and Sat at 2:00 at the IMC
-Permanent meeting times will be addressed at one of this week’s meetings.
-Structure for meetings will be as follows:

  • Collectively create agenda, organize the items into categories
  • Organizational Development Agenda Items
  • Strategic Visioning Agenda items
  • Recap on decisions and action items
  • Move unaddressed or new items to next meeting agenda

-Minutes will be posted to the website and a link will be posted to the [oc-internal] google group, website and facebook group.

*II. Discussion*
-There was concern raised by a couple of parties that we have some very active members who are currently homeless and had been staying at the occupation site across from the Gaia House.
-They were hoping for help from the group in supporting those who are homeless and wish to continue supporting the group.
-Several options were considered, including camping at the town square pavilion, the Good Samaritan House and sleeping at the IMC.
-Sleeping at the IMC was ruled out due to it being zoned commercial.  More discussion of this point is needed…
-Some expressed interest in trying to maintain a 24 hour public space occupation, or at least an abbreviated daily occupation, in order to stay better in solidarity with other Occupations.
-Others were concerned about the number of actual people hours we have available, and how continuing the 24 hour occupation would be unsustainable, but that a shorter daily occupation might be feasible.
-There was a discussion of the merits of 1) demonstrating to challenge existing power structures to gain reform, versus 2) building the world we envision from the ground up as our “demonstration” because politicians and corporations can’t solve our problems.
-It was noted that these are perhaps complementary parts of a holistic approach and don’t need to be mutually exclusive.