Occupy Congress: Will YOUR Voice Be Heard #J17?

The house of representatives will return to session on January 17th of 2012.  Welcome back.  We told you to “expect us” didn’t we?

Feel like sending a message to your congress in 2012?  Could January 17th be your chance to do so?  Do you want change?  What are YOU willing to do to get it?  Will you put in the effort necessary to have your voice heard?  Will you Occupy Congress on January 17th?

Wall Street and MSM may not want to acknowledge either our growth or our accomplishments in 3 short months of 2011 but one cannot deny that they know we are here.  We must remember that the crimes admonished on us by the 1% didn’t occur without the assistance of another very powerful (and OUT OF CONTROL) group in America – the U.S. Congress.  Now is the time to bring our message to the other half of the criminal equation.  It is the time for a national convergence of occupiers in our nation’s capital.  You cannot stop an idea who’s time has come.  You might even want to be a part of making it happen!

Additional information can be found on the Facebook event page and the  Occupy Congress Wiki.  There is also a list-serve (pretty high volume even in digest form has been my experience.)  Momemtum and support for this event are building and many thousands are anticipated to attend.  What are we willing to do as Occupy Carbondale to get there and express solidarity with this event? Comments are open on this thread – let’s talk it up!