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Media & Tech Committee Minutes

OC Media & Tech Committee Meeting Minutes for 9-April-2012

  • Peter suggested the group get involved with setting up Mesh-net nodes

    • Distributed, free, internet replacement

  • Wayne mentioned needing help with the IMC Yard Sale

    • will hold a Thursday meeting at Gaia House

    • group decided on May 5th (Saturday)

    • Matt will make a flier for IMC Yard sale, needs to be distributed

    • it was suggested to have a yard sale at Makanda Spring Fest (?)

    • end goal is to get the IMC back room clean 

    • back up plan of donating things Salvation Army

    • good for community outreach 
    • it was suggested to have a reoccurring yard sale
  • Teach-ins for Occupy issues

    • volunteering

    • homelessness (John)

  • Occupy Carbondale Radio

    • still broadcasts 12 -2 on Wednesdays

  • Wayne proposed a regular workday time for IMC stuff

    • Wednesday 4:30pm – 6:00pm start-time

  • Gaia House website workday(s)

    • Thursday 6pm, Sunday whenever

    • mod_wsgi ?

    • Getting Pyramid working on an Apache server (deployment)?

  • Meeting adjournation

2012-1-27 Media/Tech Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Linux Teach-In moved back one week to February 11, 2012. Rationale: Give us more time to do research and prepare, advertise for teach-in.
  • Discussed new, more realistic monthly schedule for teach-ins:
    • week1: major teach-in
    • week2: no teach-in (IT workday?)
    • week3: discussion of week1 topic
    • week4: no teach-in (IT workday?)
  • Peter & Wayne talked with City Manager about Carbondale wireless. Here’s the scoop: 
The City of Carbondale does not want to deal with Carbondale Wireless any longer and will either be contracting the work out or turning it off to cut costs. Here’s what we can do: We need to get in touch with various departments at SIUC and John A Logan to try to get them in touch with the City of Carbondale to set up a student internship at City Hall which would aim to take care of the wireless network management. Also, it would be a good idea to do research on the possibility of a grant which would facilitate the establishment of this position.